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At Keo-Can, we believe the perfect addition for any outdoor ambiance is crafted through a fusion of expertly designed decks and ambient lighting. Nestled in Stitsville, we are leaders in redefining outdoor spaces, making them more than just extensions of your home; we turn them into enchanting retreats.

Outdoor Ambient Lighting By Keo-Can.

With only the best selected partnerships, your new deck is crafted with precision, and becomes the outdoor living space you always wanted. With top-quality materials and innovative designs, we ensure that every deck stands as a testament to quality and style. With the addition of carefully curated and planned lighting to set the mood, Keo-Can provides the functionality and ambience that can be enjoyed throughout the day and night.

With a promise of unparalleled craftsmanship and a commitment to creating atmospheres that resonate, we invite you to put your trust in Keo-Can extend your home into the outdoors.

Ensuring your vision comes to life through Partnerships

At Keo-Can, we believe in the power of collaboration to bring your landscaping dreams to life. While our expertise lies in crafting breathtaking landscapes, we understand that a complete outdoor transformation often requires specialized skills beyond our immediate domain.

This is why we are proud to partner with an elite network of reputable companies in (the Ottawa area) Stitsville, spanning across pools, irrigation, and gardening. Each of these collaborations is carefully managed, ensuring that every aspect of your project aligns with our stringent standards of quality and aesthetics.

Imagine a gleaming pool, perfectly integrated into your backyard design, or an irrigation system that ensures every inch of your green space thrives, or gardens curated with a botanist’s precision. With Keo-Can, these aren’t mere add-ons but integral components of a holistic landscaping vision.

By working alongside these industry leaders, we ensure that every facet of your outdoor project is handled by experts in their respective fields. This symbiotic approach guarantees not only seamless project execution but also a harmonious blend of elements that together, create an outdoor masterpiece.

Some Of Our Decks and Lighting Projects
Liam J.

Liam J.

From the initial consultation to the finished project, Keo-Can's landscaping and stonework services surpassed all my expectations. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality of their work are simply outstanding. My garden has never looked so enchanting!

Sarah & Mike

Sarah & Mike

Everett has a remarkable talent for understanding his clients. He truly listened to our desires and ideas, translating them into a landscape that mirrors our dream. It's clear that at Keo-Can, turning visions into reality isn’t just a slogan; it’s what they do every day.

Cathrine D.

Cathrine D.

Having worked with multiple landscaping firms in the past, I can confidently say Keo-Can tops them all. Their stonework is a piece of art, and the entire space feels like a natural extension of our home. Thank you, Keo-Can, for transforming our outdoor space into a true haven.

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